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Your Sleep Position May Be Costing You

Maybe you’re a stomach sleeper — or you curl up into a little ball. Perhaps, reclining on your back provides the best sleep. Well, it might be time to flip over to your side.

Studies have shown body position plays a critical role for snorers and can often make the difference between a good night’s rest or not.

Lying flat on the back often makes snoring worse, regardless of why or how badly you snore. Back-sleeping causes the tongue to collapse into the airway, which obstructs breathing and creates those not-so-adorable snoring noises. If you move to your side, it keeps the airway open and allows you to breathe freely.

These studies have brought to light something very exciting – that a simple change in your sleeping behavior can intervene and perhaps stop snoring altogether.

Give side-sleeping a try. For many people it is the easiest, least expensive and most affordable defense against snoring.

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