A Glass of Warm Milk Before Bed

glass of milk

You may have heard of the quote “A glass of warm milk before bed can make the nightmares leave your head”.  But most likely you haven’t because I just made that up.  In reality though you probably have heard that a glass of warm milk can help you go to sleep.  So does it?

Yes, a little leche (milk) is good for sleep

Some people swear by milk before bed.  Personally my parents told me it just tastes good, but they aren’t really that wrong.  People say it has tryptophan the same chemical that is inside turkey that makes you sleepy.  Well that has been disproved but it doesn’t necessarily mean milk can’t make you sleepy.  Milk could still make you sleepy on a psychological factor.  It’s just a placebo effect .  So long as you believe it will help you sleep, it can.  Consider that believing it helps you calms you down and puts less pressure on you to sleep.  You’ve also got to consider how delicious warm milk can be as I said earlier.  You’ve got the delicious factor on top of the placebo for maximum effect!

How to warm it up

I know it sounds a little bit patronizing that I’m writing on how to heat up milk, but it really is a little tricky the first time.  If you just stick it in the microwave for two minutes it’s going to get a gross burnt taste and a film of protein will be created on the top.  You should start by deciding how hot you want it to be.  Personally I like it pretty hot so I go until I see steam.  Really all you need to do is continually check every 15 seconds and stir so you get the correct heat throughout.  I suggest you try until you see steam at least once though.  It’s an experience you may find yourself trying again.

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