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A Guide to Guided Sleep

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With apps like Headspace winning awards and all the online craze about it lately. You might want to ask yourself if this is a bandwagon you should get on.

It’s been proven that guided meditation helps with anxiety, depression, and mood swings. In fact, there’s so many benefits that some have hailed it as the best medical breakthrough of the 21st century.

Aside from all the obvious mental health benefits, some tend to overlook the amazing power that guided meditation can have on sleep. You can easily change your guided meditation into a guided sleep.

The science behind it

If you have ever tried counting sheep to fall asleep, guided sleep works very similarly. Focusing solely on the voice coming out of your phone has been shown to relax your body. By distracting your mind, you stand to fall asleep much quicker.

It works particularly well for those with a high intelligence

For those that couldn’t manage to get an F in a class in high school and actually enjoyed math, guided meditation and specifically guided sleep work amazingly for them. These people have their minds in overdrive all the time so when they finally force it to slow down to a manageable level the effects are astounding to see. Some of these people can fall asleep in just mere minutes after the session starts.

Not to mention the medical benefits

Even if you’re only trying these guided sleep sessions to go to sleep, they can still have a profound influence on your mental health. Here are just some of the benefits that guided sleep have been shown to have.

  • Reduced stress levels.
  • Reduced levels of pain.
  • Relaxation.
  • Lower levels of anxiety.
  • Stronger relationships.


Positional Sleep Therapy

If you're struggling settling into a new position and are having pain when you're sleeping on your side, then guided sleep could be the answer for you. It will coax you into a state where any position will start to feel normal in no time.

Just try it!

If those reasons weren’t enough for you then your life must be going pretty perfectly right now. Either way, just try it. If you’re struggling falling asleep this could be the solution for you.

Since it’s completely free and only takes a few minutes, you’d have to be crazy to not give it a go.