Are Essential Oils a good way to sleep?

  Essential Oils Sleep

Many people are skeptical of Essential Oils, however, they have been shown to help sleep even if it won’t cure the root cause of whatever is holding you back.

Identifying Which Oil you Need

Chamomile:  The oil from this plant works on calming the user.  It can also help improve the mood of yourself and those around you.

Lavender:  Shown to relieve stress, if you feel knots in your back and neck this could possibly be the best choice for you.

Marjoram:  Helps ease anxiety and stress.  Also fights back fatigue.  Probably a good choice if you’ve been repeatedly tired for weeks on end.

Valerian:  Relaxation and will calm you

Vetiver:  Shown to increase sleep quality and will also relax and calm you.

How You’ll Use It

You can apply these oils in a variety of ways.  How you’ll want to apply these should be primarily based on what you think will calm you down the most.


You can have someone use one of these oils to massage you.  On top the massage itself which will calm you, the oils will work its way into your system to help you with your stress.  You do need to make sure you have someone who is willing to massage you and is strong enough to do so.


Taking a nice bath can really help release those knots and stress.  You could consider getting bathroom candles to have the aroma reduce your stress as well.  You just put the oils into the water, wait for the water to heat up the perfect temperature, and then step in and relax.  The less you focus on your problems the better you’ll be able to sleep.  Often sleep problems can be mental so if you can fix your stressors you’ll be happier and have higher quality sleep.

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