Are Weighted Blankets the Cure for Autism Spectrum Disorders? –

Are Weighted Blankets the Cure for Autism Spectrum Disorders?

They may have just been a low-key fad, but now, weighted blankets are hitting the mainstream.  Many love them and will swear on their life it helps their anxiety.  But let’s see what the experts say.

Here’s the facts

In a study done back in 2014, 67 autism spectrum children aged five to sixteen were randomly tested with weighted blankets.  Each child was given either a control blanket or a weighted blanket.  Contrary to what was expected, the results showed that the weighted blanket didn’t increase total sleep time or time to fall asleep.

However, researchers did find that both the children and the parents favored the weighted blanket over the regular blanket.  It’s obvious that there’s either a placebo effect or - and what I think is more likely - weighted blankets are more comfortable.

Why weighted blankets still rock

Although they might not be the answer to autism spectrum disorders, weighted blankets can still give a sense of security and safety that makes them a great tool for those that get scared at night.  There’s no doubt in my mind that weighed blankets would be great for anybody that suffers from constant anxiety and worry.

Is it worth it though?

Not if you’re doing it for anything related to autism.  But like I said, if you’re doing it for anxiety and worry then weighted blankets would definitely be a great tool to fight that.  Not to mention, many times, they can just feel as comfortable as a baby kitten.


Before you go out and by a brand new weighted blanket, you might want to take a look at a few other alternatives.  Blankets that are heated or have special textures have also shown to help quite a bit of people with their anxiety.  Try researching many types of blankets before you go out and buy one just yet.