Best Things to Add to your Daily Routine

   There are many things you could add to your morning routine that would take less than ten minutes each to do.  Here are a couple that you should consider adding to your daily routine

Drinking a Glass Of Water Right When You Wake Up

   Doctors recommend that everyone should drink eight 8 fluid ounces glasses of water each day.  This adds up to a total of 64 fluid ounces total.  Getting a head start with a glass of water in the morning can wake you up with something cold and refreshing.  This gets your entire system started and running from the get go.  Also, water is probably the best thing you can drink to flush out your system and keep your body running nice and smooth.

Doing Push Ups Right Out of Bed

   Doing push ups right when you can wake up is hitting two birds with one stone.  In one hand your body gets that rush you need to wake you up in the morning so you aren't a zombie.  On the other hand, you're building up strength and toning your body over time and will look nice because of that.  This is a super healthy habit to start building.  Even if it's only ten push ups at first, eventually you will surprise yourself with how strong you will become.

Eating a Nutritious Breakfast

   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's important to make sure that you get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need from the start.   Cereal is probably the easiest choice for most people in the morning but if you have time it might be a good idea to make something more.  If you have maybe twenty minutes you could make a nice omelette that has veggies, dairy, and protein all in one.  If you aren't really a breakfast person a nice alternative might be a breakfast burrito.  Tastes like lunch but it's still super delicious in the morning.

What to Improve

  You may incorporate most, or all of these things.  It's still important to try and get a strong routine that you can fall back on 100% of the time.  The better your routine, the less you'll hate getting up in the morning.

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