Best Time to go to Sleep

Alarm Clock

Whether you’re a geriatric or a teenager, it’s important to always get sleep.  Quality sleep.  Remember that sleeping is a not a math equation.  Some people (including myself sometimes) tend to think that as long as they get a certain number of hours in bed they’ll be okay.  It’s just not how it works.  

So tell me!

My favorite method is just working backwards from when I wake up.  The recommended amount of sleep hours for me is seven to nine hours.  So I work eight hours backwards.  If I need to wake up early at 5 AM, I make sure I am in bed and asleep by 9 PM.  Or if I’m need to wake up for classes at 8 AM, I try to be snoozing at Midnight or before that.  Now I’m in a habit of doing that daily and it’s been a great help to me for getting sleep.

Simple enough, in bed eight hours before my alarm

No no no.  You weren’t paying attention.  Be ASLEEP eight hours before your alarm.  If you go to bed and then play on your phone for two hours (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway) you should probably go to bed a little bit sooner so you’re actually sleeping for eight hours.  Even if you don’t play on your phone it probably takes you a second to fall asleep so I’d be in bed 30 min before you need to.

That’s too much work

Okay your loss.  I guess you won’t get to experience great sleep.  Jealous huh?  Just kidding but you might seriously feel a lot better after developing some steady sleep habits.  You will start feeling refreshed and satisfied at the beginning of the day.  Instead of feeling like a zombified troll.  As a former zombified troll waker upper.  Trust me, getting those hours of sleep you need will make you feel so much better every morning.

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