How to Get Sleep With a Newborn in the House

how to go to sleep with a newborn in the house


If you've seen someone with a baby they look drained nearly all the time.  Is that their fault?  Usually not, but there are some ways that parents have shown us that help.  First I'm going to start off with the problem, how much sleep newborns need.

Over Twenty Hours!

Yes!  Newborns usually need upwards of twenty hours of sleep per day.  This is over 80% of the day.  To anybody new to the situation this makes parenting seem like a dream come true, but most parents know why it's not.  That four hours is random and annoying throughout the day and night.  Definitely the opposite of what someone would normally expect parenting a newborn to be like.

Ways to Make it Better

You may have heard the tip that the newborn should sleep whenever it can, and just let him/her create their own schedule.  You should avoid this until your last resort.  This will ruin your personal schedule.  Try and fit the baby to a routine whenever you can.  Although this sound impossible, with your partner, you should be able to tag team and get a few hours of sleep a day.  Also, make sure you take naps during the day when possible, then if your baby wakes up during the night you'll have those hours to power you through.

Tip for Helping the Baby Fall Asleep

Number one tip I've seen from people, use light strategically.  If you want your baby to take a nap, lower the light.  This uses your baby's own circadian rhythm to set a pattern and help them sleep when you would like them to.

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