Is Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Health? –

Is Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Health?

is sleep apnea affecting your health

FACT- Your risk of sleep apnea is four times higher if you are obese or even just overweight! Sleep apnea, strongly linked with obesity, is one of the biggest obstacles to getting the proper amount of restorative, non-REM stage II and stage III sleep. If you carry extra weight, especially in your torso and around your neck, your respiratory function is compromised. Fatty deposits around your airway can obstruct your breathing. This results in sleep disordered breathing, which usually includes:

  • loud snoring
  • pauses in your breathing during sleep
  • abrupt awakenings with shortness of breath or gasping
  • choking that wakes you up

Not only are there symptoms in the night time (while you’re trying to sleep) but also in the daytime. During the day, you will most likely experience:

  • headaches
  • dry mouth or sore throat
  • excessive sleepiness during the day
  • loss of  focus
  • problems with decision-making and other executive functions
  • mood swings and irritability

What else is decreasing your health from sleep apnea? Well long term sleep apnea often includes diabetes. Getting less than 4 hours of sleep at night can dangerously results in the loss of ability to process glucose. (sugar) This requires the body to produce 30 more insulin than a sleeper who gets a healthy amount of sleep. Therefore, regular sleeping patterns of 5 hours or more will reduce the risk of diabetes.

Get to bed on time so you can get at least over 5 hours of sleep each night. If you are overweight, get your body healthy again and watch your EATING habits. EXERCISE is just as important. Drop the lbs. And you’ll reduce your risk of sleep apnea.

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