Just Watched Scream and Now I Might Need To


Your parents may have not let you watch a few scary movies growing up because they wanted you to be able to sleep.  What they might not have known is that scary movies can actually lead to quite a bit more problems than not being able to sleep that night.  Scary movies are okay sometimes, but if you’re watching them on a regular basis you might need to dial it back a bit.  Honestly, I’d keep it to once every few weeks if you’re a really big fan.  As I say this I’m a hypocrite, I love scary movies, but I also know how to manage myself.

The Effects

Scary movies are very prevalent in today’s society and they just keep getting scarier.  As I said earlier it’s probably best to limit them.  Frequent watchers of horror films tend to show signs of heavy anxiety that lasts even when they’ve grown up.  Not to mention the slew of phobias and fears you are likely to get from watching them.  Usually people will want to make the occasion of watching a movie like that as scary as possible.  All lights off, huddled in a blanket, and alone.  However, it could be beneficial for you to lighten the mood.  Maybe if you want to watch the Cabin in the Woods, maybe you should try watching an episode of care bears after to lighten the mood.

Who Would Want to Watch Care Bears?

Well….. Okay you got me.  Maybe not the best option.  But maybe leave making it that scary for Halloween once a year.  The other times you really need to watch a scary movie you could be better off just leaving the lights on, or watching it in the afternoon.  You can still get the content of the movie without it leaving you restless the entire night.  If you really don’t want to do that then it’s probably a good idea to limit how often you watch them.  Especially if you have small children around.  Like I said, I love them just as much as anyone, but it’s important to limit how often you watch them so you can still get a good night’s sleep.