Lucid Dreaming

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is when you realize that you're in a dream, while you're in it.  Instead of flowing through what seems really weird like you would usually do, you actually get to take control of it and gain a certain sense of awareness.  While you are lucid dreaming you get a certain control of your environment and the characters within them.

Why one would want to Lucid Dream?

While you are lucid dreaming you can do absolutely anything you want.  You could be in the middle of a trial and then take control and become a super hero.  If you have seen Inception, you may remember a scene where they start bending buildings all around because they're in a dream.  You can do the exact same thing because you can exert your will on surrounds.  Have you ever dream about kissing the girl of your dreams?  Well now you can!  It will almost be real.  Well, it'll feel like it's real.

How to Lucid Dream

To start lucid dreaming you'll have to start practicing.  The easiest and most common step people take to start lucid dreaming is a starting a dream journal.  Right as you wake up you just write a few short lines about what you dreamed about that night.  It'll help prepare you to start remembering what you've dreamed of.  However, there are other methods.  My personal favorite is routinely doing reality checks throughout the day.  This way, in your dreams you will do it and find that you're not in reality.

What You Should Do Once You Become Aware

Once you're in a lucid dream you can basically accomplish anything you want.  If you attempt to try to lucid dream then it's probably a good idea to have a list of things you want to do.  Luckily for you, if you haven't one of your own you can read mine.

  • Create a theme park and build lots of roller coasters
  • Give yourself super powers and save the day
  • Become a spy and create your own adventure for yourself
  • Use a six-shooter back in the wild west
  • Have the perfect date with the girl of your dreams
  • Joust against knights back in the middle ages
  • Fly across the universe in a hot air balloon
  • Become a ghost and scare random people in the streets
  • Use your newfound capabilities to become one of the ghost busters and save New York

In reality, you can't do anything you want, but this is your own imagination.  Now with your newfound skills you can literally be anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want.

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