My Experiences with Napping –

My Experiences with Napping

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You may have been told from a young age that you shouldn’t nap because “you won’t be able to sleep at night” or “I don’t wanna deal with your crankiness”, well for some people napping is actually very beneficial.

My Ritual

After not getting enough sleep from the rest of the week (don’t do that) I usually need to recharge.  Although I know it won’t fix the problem, napping does me a lot of good and helps me feel better.  I usually just shut off all of the lights and close my eyes and, voila!, I’m asleep in ten minutes or less.  How long I sleep varies but it usually tends to be from two hours to three hours.  A lot of places won’t recommend this but I find this works for me since I’m doing this to make up sleep instead of just energize.  I’ve found that this works really well for me.  I enjoy it, I’m more productive, I’d recommend it for anybody who likes to use Sunday as their “catch up on work day”.

How Long Should I Nap?

While most people probably shouldn’t sleep the full two hours I usually do, you may find you need to if you can’t possibly get it in elsewhere.  If you can then you should probably find out if you’re a lark or an owl .  A lark is the type of person that wakes up at six o’clock and then goes to bed at a nice and tidy nine.  Personally I know a few of these people.  I don’t know how, but they exist.  I could personally never go to bed that early.  The other type of people are owls or night owls.  These people (me) go to bed at a later eleven to one o’clock.  Then they wake up around eight or nine.  If you’re a lark then your window for a nap is going to be around 1-1:30 PM.  Right around the middle of when you wake up and when you go to bed.  If you’re an owl you should probably push your nap to 2:30-3 PM so it’s not so close to when you wake up.  You may find that taking a nap can be beneficial for you.  Some people really enjoy them and it works for them.  If you try it and don’t like it, then don’t worry about it.  You can use those extra hours on more productive things anyway.

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