Phones? They Can Hurt Your Sleep?! –

Phones? They Can Hurt Your Sleep?!

If you are like me then you probably stay up on your phone before bed pretty often even though it's bad for you.  I'd say a clean majority of Americans are on their phone before they fall asleep.  This is wasting time you could use doing productive things like work or family activities.  However, there are two main negative effects of presleep phone usage I'd like to go over.

You Will Be Less Socially Aware

People have been on their phones more than ever before.  Is it a good thing so many people are sitting behind a screen instead of talking to real life people?  This last generation has been considerably antisocial compared to other generations.  People are not getting tired enough before sleep.  This means they'll usually stay up when they need to be sleeping so they have enough energy for the next day.  There are a couple of remedies for this.  Playing sports is a big one.  If you can play a game of basketball with a couple of friends before you head off to bed you'll feel tired enough to sleep.  However, you could choose anything.  Personally I like to lift weights and get a lot of satisfaction from that.

Your Body Needs to Produce Melatonin

For the longest time I thought melatonin was a type of medicine you take to go to sleep.  Then while researching I found out it's actually a chemical that your body creates to tell you when to go to bed.  Your body is trained to naturally produce it at a certain time.  It's actually called the circadian rhythm.  Your body creates this rhythm based on daylight.  Go to sleep while dark.  Work during the day.  From a biological standpoint it sounds simple.  Phones have disrupted this rhythm.  The blue light from your phone especially will trick your body into thinking it's still daylight.  However, iOS has a recent update that can help you fix it.  Night Shift is a cool feature that dims the blue light from your phone so you can have a better time going to bed.  Android has a similar app called Twilight that's gaining some traction.  Both of these apps allow you to tell it when you want to sleep and it will adjust the light produced from your phone accordingly.  If you're addicted to your phone I recommend trying something like this.

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