SLEEP: An Athlete's Secret to Gain a Competitive Edge

Where winning often comes down to a matter of seconds or inches, professional athletes are focusing on sleep to get an edge on the competition.

It may seem basic, but sleep provides tremendous power and plays a vital role in athletic performance. Sleep impacts reaction time, perception, the ability to recover from physical exertion, and energizes the body and brain.

The athletic world is realizing the third of our life that's spent sleeping has profound effects on the other two-thirds of our lives.

Take J.J. Watt, three time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, as an example. In a recent article about the power of sleep, Watt shares how important rest is to his performance. He meticulously schedules his day around training, eating seven meals, and sleeping 8-11 hours a day. To ensure his sleep routine isn't disturbed, he brought a replica of his heavenly queen-sized bed to the Texan's equipment room to sneak in power naps around early trainings and late-night meetings. He knows his body needs the rest.

The importance of optimizing sleep extends beyond sports. Not getting enough sleep causes all kinds of harm to people's minds and bodies no matter their occupation or age. To feel and do your best, don't forget sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

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