Sleeping in Space –

Sleeping in Space

I’m sure a lot of you guys have aspired to be astronauts at least one time in your life.  If you haven't, well, you’re the exception.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be an astronaut and get to see the earth and space from miles above the atmosphere?  There’s probably one aspect of it you haven’t considered yet though.  How do they sleep?  With no gravity wouldn’t an astronaut the astronaut just go floating around?  Maybe they get some fuzzy cuffs and chain them to a part of the ship.  Through my research I found out, and it’s really not all that surprising.

So Then How do They Do It?

According to , it’s sleeping bags.  Sounds really simple right?  Sleeping bags.  They are still bolted to the wall but they’re in essentially what is a sleeping bag.  You camp in these exact same things that astronauts are sleeping in.  You could play pretend astronaut and literally just GO TO SLEEP in your sleeping bag.  I don’t know if everyone else finds it as interesting as I do but I think that it’s pretty cool that Nasa doesn’t overthink all of their plans, and can just find simple things such as sleeping bags to get the job done.

Is There Anything Else Cool About Space Sleep?

Well not specifically.  Turns out it’s pretty similar to sleep on earth.  Astronauts have reported having vivid or strange dreams while out in low gravity situations though.  Scientists aren’t really sure why it happens but it seems to be consistent across most space adventurers.  If you’re thinking of going to space this could be a really cool fact for you.  Although this may not happen for a while unless SpaceX gets it’s gears turning.  No matter what you‘re doing, space is really cool.  Hopefully these facts helped entertain you.

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