The Art of Sleeping as a Hobo

hobo sleeping

So let’s just say you’re a hobo, bum, or some kind of other person who is out of luck and needs to find a place to stay.  You have no family, no friends, what are you supposed to do?  This is when you need to be smart and find a place to sleep.  If you look like you haven’t slept a wink in the last five days then you probably need to work on finding a place to sleep.  Maybe even less obvious, when to sleep.

Sleep During the Day

If you sleep during the daytime people are less likely to bother you.  During the nighttime you can collect cans or other scrap for money.  Some metals can even be worth up to $1.75 per pound .  You may want to make sure you’re not bothering anybody else though.  If you’re in a neighborhood where people don’t take kindly to hobos then you probably should leave so you don’t have the police called on you in the middle of your nap.

Where to Sleep

Usually a park bench or under a tree can do if you can’t sleep in your car.  If you have a vehicle you drive around then a car is probably the best.  It can give you the privacy and cushion you need to get at least decent sleep.  Remember the farther you are away from other people the better sleep you’ll be able to get.


Usually hobos are known to wear dingy, dirty clothing.  If you can find a way to wash them and maybe wear something thicker such as a hoodie your body will be able to adjust to whatever climate you’re in.  If you’re at a comfortable temperature it’s much easier to fall asleep.

Disclaimer: Being a hobo is a poor solution for anybody looking to get sleep.  Avoid if you want regular, comforting sleep.

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