The Harm of Oversleeping

Most people tend to associate all of the harm of sleep with lack of sleep.  People think of sleep like math.  If you missed two hours of sleep yesterday, then you can make it up today by going to bed two hours early.  Unfortunately the only good cure to getting back on track is to consistently sleep the recommended seven to nine hours a day.  I'm personally a victim of oversleeping on Saturdays to make up for the late nights I stayed up during the week.  I almost have to force myself not to.  It's not good to let my body stay asleep for that long.

Who Oversleeps?

Oversleep has been linked to a slew of physical and mental problems.  There are certain symptoms and disorders that have been linked to oversleeping.

  •  Many people with depression have been known to oversleep for sometimes up to fifteen hours a day.
  • Sleep apnea has also been known to make people need to sleep for longer periods of time, in extreme cases it can destroy their sleep schedule.
  • Hypersomnia, a disorder where people have anxiety and low energy causing them to feel the need to sleep all of the time.

Side Effects of too much Sleep

Although some people may oversleep from time to time, doing it too much can lead to many side effects.  Here is a list of side effects you may suffer if you don't manage to consistently get out of bed on time.

  1. Lack of energy and feeling more tired than you would have otherwise.
  2. The health of your baby may be endangered if you oversleep or undersleep.
  3. Weight gain due to the lack of calories being burnt during the day.
  4. Sleeping too much has been shown to lead to increased chance of heart attack or similar heart problems.

If you notice that you are oversleeping it may be the right time to contact a sleep expert.

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