Hooked On Video Games?

   If you were raised anytime in the last two decades you probably have played a fair amount of video games.  What you don't know is video games can absolutely wreck a sleep schedule.  This tends to affect teenagers the most but it also can hit some adults hard too.  Video games can be just as addicting as other substances such as alcohol, drugs, etc...  It's important to manage your habits effectively so you can still feel refreshed in the morning.

Blue Light

   Computer Monitors and TVs naturally produce blue light.  Unless the blue light is reduced it can trick your body into thinking it's still daytime so your body won't produce melanin.  Your body is trained through evolution to wake up during the daytime and fall asleep at night.  Your body maintains this via light.  The more light your body sees, the more your body is gonna be tricked into staying awake.  Now blue light is even worse than others.  Since blue light is a shorter wave length it'll give your brain more of a flickering sensation and keep it awake.  Playing video games until you're tired is a terrible idea because of this.  You won't feel tired until way after you should have already gone to sleep.

Designed to be Addictive

   Video game developers intentionally design their games to be addictive.  After all, the more someone plays their game the more money the designers can make from them.  For example, Civilization VI, which is heralded to be one of the greatest games of this year, abuses the "Just one more turn" problem people have.  It tricks people into playing more because they're just about to hit another milestone.  After milestones and milestones of playing, you're eventually awake at 5 AM wondering where the time went.  Using parental controls so you are forced to get off by a certain time is a great idea for anybody wanting to help curb their playtime.

Mountain Dew

   Let's be honest, the majority of video gamers realize they stay up way to late.  Personally, I play tons of video games and have problems with it too.  It's not hard to feel the effects of staying up too late.  Most gamers just tend not to care.  In fact, some will try to push their body past what they usually stay up with soda such as Mountain Dew or Pepsi.  Not only is this terrible for your health because of the sugar in it, but it will make you stay up hours past what you intend to.  If you want to stop staying up so late this should be the first step.

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