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What Temperature is best for Sleeping?

hot roomYou may be regretting asking this question for you wallet’s sake, but it’s okay I know how you feel.  Most people have their room temperature hovering around a 69-72 degree range in their house.  Sleep, however, is optimal at a cool 62-67 degree range.  This actually will make it easier for you if you’re living somewhere other than the Mojave desert!  If you live in Phoenix (or anywhere close to there) you may have to actually chip a little into your AC bill each month.  Research supports lowering the temperature can help insomnia and other sleep disorders .

How much will I save?

If money is an influence on you then you might wanna see the actual numbers.  According to my favorite money saving site , it can save you 10% in a month for every 3-4 degrees you knock that dial back.  That’s around how much you’ll need to turn it back to get that good sleep.  So in reality let’s say you have a $100 dollar air conditioning bill each month, you’ll save $100.  Neat right?

Hmmm Convincing but…..

I know I know, I hate the cold too.  I used to keep my temperature at a solid 76 degrees.  Of course I live in a warmer area but that’s besides the point.  Point is I also had to make the adjustment.  Cold sleep will make you wake up more refreshed.  I’ve tried it myself and I have to say it works flawlessly.  Only real drawback is that I wanna stay in bed even more because of how cold my room is and how warm my blankets are.  But who knows I guess you could classify that as a benefit because it strengthens your “mental fortitude” as my Dad would tell my 8 year old self.  I would wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone that loves saving that extra dollar and needs better sleep.  Double whammy!

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