When to Take Melatonin

Many people use Melatonin to help them.  You can order it online or buy it in the store.  But you probably learned from a very young age that you shouldn’t put drugs into your body willy nilly.  It’s important to know when it’s okay to take melatonin.  There are plenty of situations where it is beneficial for your mind and body for you to use.

Jet Lag

I just came back from a fourteen day trip to Europe roughly three months ago.  Definitely 10/10 would recommend, probably going back sometime in the next five years.  But that’s off the point, when I came back I had jet lag and it really sucked.  I was having a hard time sleeping for the next about three days.  Which made it really hard because I had quite a bit of school work I had to make up.  Without melatonin I would have had a really hard time adjusting.  Taking it before I slept and forcing myself to stay awake during the day was the only way to calibrate my circadian rhythm again.  People who often make business trips may find themselves needing to take melatonin to adjust their sleep and get it back on track.

Graveyard Shifts

For those of you working graveyard shifts you may find it really hard find sleep.  Now if you add another problem to that like pets, newborn, or even something as sleep apnea, it can make it just that much worse.  You may find yourself needing to take melatonin more than you think so that you can get your sleep when you need it.

New Parents

It’s pretty well known that new parents aren’t going to get the best of sleep.  But melatonin can be a really huge help for forcing yourself to make up sleep you may have lost that night from your newborn.  If this describes you, then you may want to consider getting some melatonin until your child grows up a bit.

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