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Why does Turkey make us sleepy?


Even though Thanksgiving happened just a few short months ago I still think that learning the effects of it is relevant.  Turkey has a special amino acid in it called Tryptophan that makes us sleepy when it’s consumed.  So when you eat that huge Thanksgiving meal, it really is the food that’s making you nod off.  Turns out, turkey isn’t the only food that contains a lot of Tryptophan.   Plenty of other food have it including elk, almonds, and peanut butter.  So if you’re going to be driving home late at night you may want to check out that list before you hop on the road.

What wouldn’t you be okay with sleeping on Thanksgiving?

Depending on how sleepy you usually get you may want to try and avoid eating turkey.  If you’re like me and have Thanksgiving breakfast instead of a dinner, then it may be even more important for you.  There may be tons of reasons you don’t want to be sleepy on Thanksgiving.  You may not want to take a nap and then not be able to sleep earlier.  Or you may not want to fall asleep in front of all your relatives, well at least I wouldn’t want to.

What can you do to combat sleepiness?

You obviously wouldn’t be wrong to want to stay awake.  There’s a couple things you can do.

  • Stick your head in a bucket of ice water
  • Run a lap around your house
  • Hold your breath for a minute in a row or get as close as you can
  • Play truth or dare with your family
  • Do thirty push-ups with a couple books on your back
  • Drink a mountain dew (be careful)
These are a good couple of ideas you may want to consider doing if you need to stay awake.  Remember, these tips work no matter what, doesn’t matter if it’s Thanksgiving day.

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