How Does slumberBUMP™ Work

Alternative-Conservative Therapy for Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing™

SlumberBUMP™ is the leader in Alternative-Conservative Therapy for Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing™. Snorers are often told to sleep on their sides rather than on their backs. Here's why: sleeping flat on the back causes the tongue to collapse into the airway, which obstructs breathing and creates those not-so-adorable snoring noises. Side-sleeping is a better position because it keeps the airway open and allows snorers to breathe freely. Changing sleep positions can make a huge difference and be an incredibly easy snoring fix.*

Maintaining a side-sleeping position often requires a little encouragement as we all unconsciously shift positions while we sleep. That's where slumberBUMP™ can help.

The slumberBUMP™ is an ultra-lightweight, breathable sleep belt that trains individuals to sleep comfortably on their side so breathing can return to normal. Featuring an inflatable air pocket, the sleep belt is easily worn around the chest and keeps snorers from rolling over throughout the night. Often, the device only needs be worn for 30-60 days until side-sleeping feels natural.*

While any new sleep position can take a little time to adjust, we suggest experimenting with a different positions until you find your sweet spot.