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Positional Sleep Therapy by slumberBUMP™

For Breathing Related Sleep Disorders

slumberBUMP™ solves a vast problem
slumberBUMP™ is a very simple solution to a complex snoring ailment affecting about 1/3 of the US Adult Population.

Positional Therapy is Clincally Proven to Help
Clinical studies show that the about 80% of the people suffering from mild to moderate snoring can see immediate and permanent results from a positional based device like the Slumberbump ™.

Slumberbump™ Stops Snoring

Slumberbump ™ keeps patients who suffer from snoring on their side at night. This counteracts gravity and can help keep the airway open and clear. Slumberbump™ sleep belts offer an affordable and comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy for your customers who are looking for other options.

Try it out:

Complete the information on the right to get a sample Slumberbump for free so you can test how effective it is for treating positional snoring. Once you confirm your email you will receive a promo code that you can use at checkout to get your Slumberbump. Try it yourself or on your patients. There is no catch and no obligation. We know Slumberbump works very well for positional snoring and OSA. We simply want you to try it for yourself so you can recommend it wholeheartedly to your patients.