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The World Sleep Day: what it is and why is it important?

The modern society is focused on speed, efficiency and constantly pushing our limits. However, that also leads to stress, anxiety and many health issues. That’s why it’s more important than ever for all of us to sleep more and understand the true value and benefits brought by sleep. Knowing when and how to sleep properly can indeed make a huge difference. That’s why The World Sleep Day was created, to show us that sleep is indeed an important aspect of our lives and it needs more attention from us.

What is The World Sleep Day?

This is a global awareness event that’s hosted annually since 2008. At its core, the main idea is to celebrate the importance of sleep, all while highlighting issues which come from lack of sleep. This is a great way to spread awareness about how important sleep is for our day to day lives, while also offering ideas and guidelines on how to deal with sleep disorders and prevent many sleep problems.

Normally, The World Sleep Day takes place every Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox. The event has drawn the attention of celebrities and influencers all over the world, and the event hashtag #WorldSleepDay has been trending for the past 3 years, a testament to the importance of the event.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, this event offers a great way for us to reset our habits and re-adjust the way we sleep and how we think about sleeping in the first place. Sleep is indeed one of the major pillars of a healthy lifestyle, along with exercising and proper nutrition. High quality sleep is something we need all the time, since it helps with mental health, safety, well-being, not to mention productivity and performance. It also helps us boost the power of our immune system as we fight bacteria and diseases.

The World Sleep Day: tips to improve your sleep

The World Sleep Day offers a great way for you to re-analyze how you sleep and what can be improved. According to them, there are some things you need to avoid, like drinking coffee after lunch, staying up late working at the computer, going to bed unless we are sleepy or performing any activity in bed, like reading, eating or writing.

What you want to do is to initiate and stick to a proper sleep schedule. You also want to keep your bedroom quiet, and it’s a good idea to have your own bed time routine. All these things can help a lot, and they will empower you to sleep properly, without downsides.

Why is sleep important?

One of the main things we need to focus on during The World Sleep Day is why we need to sleep properly and create our own sleep schedule. In order to do that, we need to understand that a lack of sleep can be very problematic. Here are some of the reasons why we need to sleep adequately every night:

  • A lack of sleep is linked to being overweight. The more you avoid sleeping properly, the more weight you will accumulate, and that can be a problem. Linked to this is the fact that people who sleep properly eat less, since they have plenty of energy from resting during the night.
  • Sleep is offering you a great way to stay productive and it boosts your concentration. That means you get to achieve more things during the day.
  • Sleeping adequately will help you boost your athletic performance. It makes it easier to enhance your accuracy, reaction times, speed and mental well-
  • People that have poor sleeping habits have a higher risk of heart problems or an eventual stroke
  • Insomnia or a lack of sleep makes people more prone to type 2 diabetes.
  • If you don’t sleep properly, then you won’t have a powerful immune system, and that can be a problem.
  • Poor sleeping habits will lead to inflammation
  • It can also affect social interactions or emotions.

Why is The World Sleep Day important?

Thanks to The World Sleep Day, we have a great way to spread awareness regarding the importance of sleep and why it can make a huge difference in our lives. Something as simple as sleeping more can help immensely, it will give you the extra help and in the end it will just take our lives to the next level. Unfortunately, we are very focused on surpassing ourselves all the time, completing projects and so on, that our body has to deal with the downsides of lacking sleep.

It’s a great idea to join the movement, spread the word and encourage people to join The World Sleep Day event. We need to talk more about sleep and its importance, since it governs our lives. Any simple change can make a huge difference, so don’t hesitate and share the news about The World Sleep Day with others!

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