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slumberBUMP™ Travel Bag

slumberBUMP™ Travel Bag

slumberBUMP™ Travel Bag

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slumberBUMP™ Travel Bag Black/Grey

This durable pinch-lock bag holds your deflated slumberBUMP™ so that you can easily pack and travel with your favorite positional sleep device!


  • Light-Weight
  • Drawstring with easy pinch-lock fastener 

Our Reviews

At slumberBUMP™, our vision is to create happier, healthier lives for the many people who snore. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a well-designed, functional, non-medicated product at a low price so people will be able to afford it.

Product was helpful in assisting my positional therapy for sleep apnea. I did occasionally have some trouble with the metal loop getting underneath my side. But it was easy enough to adjust.


surprisingly comfortable and easy to hear. This product works and my wife states it was the best investment decision


For me, I had to inflate the pillow quite a bit, as anything less, would still allow me to roll over on to my back. Once that was done, the product does work as advertised. It keeps me from rolling on to my back. I bought the pillow for a reason other than snoring. My doctor gave me a sleep test for my sleep apnea problem. It was determined, that when I sleep on my back, there was a greater number of problems recorded on the sleep monitor. By forcing me to sleep on my side, the number of problems was reduced. As the apnea condition can be very serious if not treated properly , I guess ninety dollars is not that much money after all.


This is an excellent product and I have gotten better sleep in my first two weeks. I cannot roll onto my back and it actually props me up a little bit which is great. Better material for the strap so it is softer would improve it and crinkly material hidden in the strap is slightly noisy only when putting it on. I hope the balloon lasts as I hear that it is the likely failure point but so far so good.


Fast and wonderful experience.


Product works great. Cut my snoring by 75%. Thanks for the quick delivery.


This is just what I ordered.


Great price; great service!!


Quick turn-around, and excellent replacement product!

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